Asset Disposal

Recycle your IT Assets without putting your organisation at risk.
Computergate asset disposal provides safe,secure & accredited disposal of redundant IT equipment for large organisations.
We use qualified technical experts to simplify the disposition and liquidation process.
Asset inventory has to follow industry standard process for the removal, destruction and disposition services.


Asset disposal Service

Our professional Computergate team works closely with each client to remove any unwanted equipment and ensure safe disposal. we provide shredding of hard drives or we can transport the equipment offsite for secure disposal at one of our service centers. We adhere to relevant waste disposal directives. On completion, an official certificates of disposal is issued, including proof of the disposal of non-hazardous waste, such as cables, metals and battery acids.

De-Rack Equipment & Removal

De-Rack of nominated equipment by technical experts who are trained service technicians and then transport to a secure environment for data removal,disposal or destruction.


Secure Magnetic Disc & Tape destruction

Our destruction service includes wiping and shredding of all Optical discs,Hard drives & Tape media that contains sensitive data. We use custom built degaussing processes that performs certified data practices. A full report and destruction certificate of the wiping and shredding outcomes are provided upon completion. This includes photographic evidence and specific details of the drive such as the serial number, the size and the overall condition.
This process is performed offsite, in a controlled environment at one of our service centres.

Environmentally friendly Disposal

Computergate care about the environment, and the impact I.T has on it. Materials such as batteries can have long term ramifications to the environment. We guarantee the lowest possible impact to the environment, using recycling and responsible disposal services to ensure minimal impact.


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