Seamless and secure cloud backup solutions for your environment.

Cloud Backups is a perfect solution for business’s that require their backups and data to be stored offsite. Utilizing AWS and Azure as destinations, data is both readily accessible and safe. Backup and restore with confidence, with easy to use interfaces with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.


  • Confidently store backups in the cloud.
  • Restore backups anytime utilising Computergate’s technical team.
  • Setup suitable schedule for backups or backup every changed or new file immediately with Continuous Data Protection
  • Protect backups by encrypting your data with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Compress backups to reduce the size of required cloud storage, saving on storage fees.

File Level Backup and Recovery

Choose individual files and folders to backup.


System State Backup and Bare Metal Recovery

Restore original Windows Server configuration or rebuild the entire system from the ground up.


SQL Server and MS Exchange Backup

Backup MS SQL Server databases


MS Exchange Backup

Backup and restore Exchange to the cloud.


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