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Computergate has an established reputation as a leading supplier of service & support for many vendor hardware products. Backed by a service organisation which is a world class leader in providing first class, mission critical technical support throughout Asia Pacific Computergate caters for organisations wishing to minimise support hassles while maximising their return on investment from a complete range of IT equipment.

Computergate can save you the hassle and downtime with our Warranty Uplifts. Upgrade your current manufacturer warranty with prompt on-site technical service in the event of a problem. Our maintenance services comes with parts and labour and there are various service response times to suit your business requirements.




Our field engineers are focused on delivering effective,
quality end-user support services




Repairs to many brands of technology on-site
or in our workshop.


Smart Hands


Utilise our technical resource to deliver
your service to your requirements




We can also facilitate the acquisition, configuration and deployment of new  equipment or systems and their respective warranties


Service Level


Choose from one of the many
service covers that suits your budget




Spare parts consigned are held in
one of our many warehouses throughout the region

Is your server no longer covered by warranty?

Avoid unnecessary downtime, purchase an ‘Extended Hardware Maintenance Contract” to keep you covered.

Computergate can help to ensure your hardware remains covered and your business operational. Our services can reach Australia wide and if you have International Branch Offices most likely we can service those too.

Tailored SLA options include but are not limited to:

  • 24x7x4 Hours Onsite Response
  • Business Hours 4 Hours Onsite Response
  • Next Business Day Onsite Response
  • These can be Labour Only or Labour & Replacement Parts options
  • Periodic Preventative Maintenance is also available

This can be ‘Parts & or ‘Labour only’ – there is flexibility with the cover we can offer.

Email your hardware details to us and we will provide a quotation for
If you prefer to speak to our Contracts Specialist

Gain single-source hardware maintenance accountability where and when you need it

Help prevent outages

Take proactive measures in your IT environment to help prevent downtime and boost performance.

Simplify technical support

Enjoy the ease of single-call accountability for IBM and
non-IBM hardware support.

Help accelerate recovery

Faster recovery means more productivity for your business, less revenue impact and greater customer satisfaction.

Hardware Maintenance Service

    • Save our Customers an average of 30-70% on maintenance costs.


    • Rapid Parts Replacement – Reduce downtime and replace parts before an issue arises.


    • On-Site Coverage – Always have an experienced and certified IT engineer available.


    • Dedicated Account Manager – Someone familiar with your business operations and needs.


    • Help Desk Support – Immediate response and support.


    • Manufacturing Support – for all the leading equipment brands which includes over 90 manufacturers.-



Computergate Hardware Maintenance Services increase operational efficiency and improve IT availability by enabling you to:

    • Manage your IT infrastructure budget with predictable, controllable costs. With various fixed cost pricing options, Computergate enables easy budgeting for current and future needs since hard-to-control variable costs are replaced by fixed costs.


    • Eliminate the cost and headache of multiple service providers. With Computergate’s multi-vendor capabilities, you can reduce the number of service providers you need to support a broad spectrum of products and environments.


    • Scale support quickly and easily. Computergate’s global infrastructure allows you to expand or reduce your domain at any time. You eliminate indirect costs and the need for additional language and time zone coverage.


    • Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology without the burden of evaluating, purchasing, implementing and supporting it.


    • Access critical skill sets with Computergate’s multi-vendor expertise, covering most leading technologies, to ensure that you receive the specialized support you need.


    • Re-focus on your core business and managing more strategic initiatives, while receiving the best IT infrastructure support available.



Computergate: The Smart Alternative

You can count on a team with extensive data center maintenance experience supporting Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell, Sun/Oracle, EMC, NetApp, Extreme/Enterasys, and Juniper equipment. Pyramid Technology Services offers custom-designed maintenance with industry-leading quality and reliability. Known as Computergate, it is the smart alternative that can save you, on average, 30 to 70% on OEM support prices. We handle it all — expertly — routers, switches, servers, optics and storage; and virtually any brand.


Build Performance, Reduce Risk, Lower Cost

We understand that the three legs of your IT “stool” are performance, risk and cost. Computergate will help you to maximize your performance while minimizing risk and maintaining cost levels as low as possible. Industry standards report that the majority of any company’s IT budget is spent on sustaining equipment rather than new purchases. It makes good sense to keep equipment functioning well for as long as possible, even after the recommended timelines


Computergate: In Tune with Your Needs

Pyramid, with more than 25 years of experience with new and refurbished networking equipment and servers, is uniquely qualified to help you with your needs. Because we understand your need for IT support, we have developed the specific services that you require: a single point of contact to facilitate customer care and provide technical expertise, innovative products for even the most complex data centers, access to hard-to-find and top-quality legacy parts, and varied vendor support and maintenance programs.


Benefits of Computergate:

  • Worldwide Support
  • Software Bug Fixes, Patches and Updates
  • Advice on End-of-Life and End-of-Support Equipment
  • Rapid Parts Replacement
  • Maintenance of Current Infrastructure
  • Blending of Varied OEM’s in a Single Contract
  • Flexible SLAs; On-site Spares
  • Immediate Help Desk Support
  • Manufacturing Support for All Major Brands

Choose Your Own Comfort Level


All of our options include comprehensive network hardware maintenance and support. Advanced hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support from certified network technicians, and access to customer portals for log-in and support services are primary features of each. Browse the details of our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Support Packages and choose the one to best serve your individual needs.


Maximum availability

The ultimate success of any IT department is measured by the availability of their computer systems. Protection in the event of a computer failure requires the best technical resources, call management systems and parts stocking available. You need a dedicated team of professionals on standby, day and night.


With Interactive Hardware Maintenance you get true multi-vendor services from a national market-leading service provider. Rest assured that your IT systems are supported by vendor trained professionals with an impeccable delivery record, backed by our 100% spare parts guarantee. You get one invoice, one telephone number to call if you have any issues, one Account Executive to look after you, and the peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a proven multi-award winning services company.


We support the following vendor products: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell, Computergate, Sun, Riverbed, Juniper Networks, Cisco, NetApp & EMC.

Features & Benefits

Hardware Maintenance Features
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Onsite diagnosis and repair
  • Standard metro response times: from 2 hours on-site to Next or Same Business day.
  • Legacy hardware supported: HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco and Fujitsu to name a few
  • New hardware supported: HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco,and Juniper to name a few
  • Scheduled & Ad-hoc Hardware Maintenance
  • Guaranteed parts availability
Hardware Maintenance Benefits
  • Improve ROI by upgrading hardware or improving utilisation
  • Avoid disruptions to business as usual due to continual system changes
  • Invest capital smartly by postponing capital investment
  • Minimise your carbon footprint, by extending the life of existing hardware to reduce impact on landfills

In addressing our customer’s hardware maintenance needs, the main objective of Computergate is to improve the Return on Investment (ROI), reduce IT costs and reduce business disruptions. Our view is: Why pay for new hardware if the assets you’ve already invested in are fulfilling your requirements?


Computergate’s Maintenance Support as a Service (MSaaS) approach is to audit your hardware and provide an expert assessment. We provide insight into the best means of maintaining this hardware at peak efficiency and reduce IT costs. Our engineers look at how to enhance your applications and data utilization through our MSaaS delivery process. Lastly, we outline your determined service level requirements at a fixed predictable monthly fee. You can then rest assured your assets will continue to function effectively and efficiently with the highest achievable up-time.

Computergate can also provide Professional Services to help customers design better IT environments and utilise their assets more effectively. We are able to consult with your business to upgrade hardware instead of replacing systems to reduce IT costs.


What’s more Computergate can also provide Managed Services. We can provide monitoring and maintain services for your ICT infrastructure to further alleviate the burden of ICT on your business.computergate can also provide managed services.

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