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An ultimate full-featured remote network and systems management platform, allowing Computergate to achieve centralised monitoring and control through a “single pane of glass”. Designed for midsize companies with hundreds of end-users across multiple sites, our monitoring improves network performance and increases productivity through centralized, proactive monitoring, management and optimization of any IT infrastructure.

In today’s business environment, it is imperative that IT services and equipment incur as little downtime as possible. Downtime costs businesses money and delays and encourages a reactive methodology by fixing your environment only when it breaks or fails.

Computergate’s Monitoring Technologies are an essential service for any business, focusing importance on availability, utilizing a proactive approach to your environment. Know about upcoming issues and resolve before they fail.   Computergate utilises a series of the industries ‘best of breed’ tools and processes to ensure smooth performance. Basic monitoring services are free of charge.




Conect to remote endpoints within seconds!
Fast,stable and reliable connections to Windows and Mac OSX devices.Utilize advance remote technologies to resolve issues fast!




Monitor and maintain critical services in your environment, and initiate custom thresholds to receive warnings before they become critical failures.




AV is an enterprise-class protection suite for Windows,
Mac and Android/iPhone mobile devices,
at a small price to your business




Utilize a large range of reports to frame
the state of your environment in real time or historically




In today’s world, updates are becoming more important and prevalent to ensure maximum performance and security is met




Reduce overheads by Automating the tasks
that would normally require a resource remotely

Combine fault and performance capabilities and comprehensive business service monitoring all on one easy to use platform whether a small business, or large multi site environment.

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